How You Can Nurture Creativity In Your Kids?

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Being in touch with your creative side is so important for everyone but it is especially important for kids. You may not know this but the reason a lot of preschools include activities such a painting and singing for children is because it not only helps with their physical development, but it massively helps with their intellectual, social and emotional development as well. A child that has been home and has been made to suppress their imaginations and creative thinking from the time they were born and a child who was allowed to interact with people their own age and was exposed to different creative activities will perform very differently when they are taken to preschool for the first time. The first child will have trouble communicating with the other kids and in turn might get bullied for being quiet while the second child will have excellent problem solving and social skills even though both children are very young and the same age. So read below how you can nurture creativity in your kids and also learn what you should not do. painting classes Hong Kong

Incorporate creativity into their daily life 

You might be a busy mom or dad and may not have the time to drive your kid/kids to painting classes Hong Kong and sit there with them for hours every single day, but you can definitely make some time in your day to bring in some creativity. Instead of them telling you how their day was, you can both decide to write a short story about it, you can create different shapes and animals with playdoh, you can do an art project with your kid and proudly display their work in your bedroom or even your living room. This, in the kids mind is a huge achievement and will encourage them to be more and more creative. 


There is a reason music is an important part of any art programs for kids Hong Kong. When listening to music, your kid will not only learn the difference between slow and fast rhythms but also the difference between loud and soft sounds! When you’re at home, you can sing or even play the piano with them. 

Try and promote their curiosity and imagination 

If you are a parent and your child is constantly asking you questions about several different things, you might get sick of them and tell them to be quiet. But you must not do this as this is their way of learning at a very young age and who better to ask from but their parents? Instead you must join and help them understand different things and help them think in unconventional ways even if they are very young. You may even tell them stories from your childhood and encourage them to speak with their grandparents as this may help shape the way they think.