Easy And Practical Home Maintenance Tips

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Looking for easy and practical home maintenance tips to make sure everything is up to standard in your home. Here are some helpful tips you can try out to save a buck or two in the long run.  

Water heater maintenance  

Do remember to check your water heater for signs of corrosion. If you do not do this you will experience a brown discharge in your pipes. Plus this means your family would have been consuming and bathing in water that is contaminated with rust. Drinking such water contaminated with rust can pose a serious health threat as well. If there are in fact any signs of rusting and corrosion or even leakage, make sure that the water heater is replaced. However, if you notice early signs of corrosion, you can go ahead and take necessary steps like adding a corrosion blocking layer of paint.  

Dirty carpet maintenance 

If your floors are covered with carpets make sure that you maintain their condition properly. If you have kids or pets, this means the tendency of your carpets getting dirty is quite high. The carpets have a great tendency of trapping dust particles and germs compared to other types of flooring. While you can mop up a tiled floor, you cannot clean the crates the same way. Therefore make sure that you seek help from professional carpet cleaning services with a good reputation to clean your carpets on a quarterly basis.  

Give your home CT Treatment  

Every home as protective coatings and other types of paint coatings. These are major sources of emission of VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds. And one of the main VOC types is Formaldehyde. This component has the tendency to pose a dangerous threat to the health of you and your family member. Therefore your interiors need to be cleaned on a quarterly pass at least. Make sure that you seek help from the professional for the VOC removal services in your home. You can view more here http://www.shome.com.hk/maid/?lang=en 

Extension cords  

Do you also have worn out extension cords in your home? Well every home does have at least one worn out extension cords that direly needs replacing. You can go ahead and replace these extension cords at the first sight itself because any leakage in electricity can pose a huge threat to those who are in the house. If you have pets or rats in your home it is extremely important that you check for damaged extension cords on a monthly basis the least.  

Garage safety inspection 

Make sure that your garage door is up to standard as well since replacing one can be really expensive. You can check on a monthly basis and see if there are any obstructions in closing and opening the garage doors.